Dental Implants Vs Dentures – Which Is Right For You?

Jul 29 • 2 minute read

Implants or dentures? That is the question when needing an alternative to natural teeth. Both are aesthetically pleasing, as they make your smile look great. They also give you the functionality you need to chew your food. But while they are similar in the above ways, there are differences you want to evaluate so you can make an informed decision on which option is right for you. Consider how they look, what does your dentist suggest, financial impact, and the drawbacks of each. Taking all of these factors into consideration will help you make the right decision.

Dental Implants vs Dentures

When considering appearance, dentures have come a long way in how natural they look. The teeth are straight, yet imperfect, and the gums look natural. This non-permanent solution usually requires an adhesive to prevent rubbing that can cause blisters or ulcers on the gums. Implants, on the other hand, are implanted into the bone, so they are fixed. Once implants are implanted, they look and behave like natural teeth.

One item to note, however, is that not everyone is a candidate for implants because of bone quality that is too poor to handle the implant. Poor bone quality is a reason why some dental implants fail and why dentists may recommend dentures over implants.

Another task in your quest for an answer is to perform a cost comparison between implants and dentures. Dentures cost less because the denture blueprint is based on a mouth mold made of dental putty, so no surgery is required. Dental implants, however, have abutments that connect the surgically implanted rods to custom-made crowns that match the remaining teeth. While implant procedures can be done same day, healing and treatments can take months and that costs money. It is in the long-term maintenance of each that can make implants more cost-effective, as dentures may require frequent replacement due to changes in the mouth that occur with age.

The Drawbacks of Dentures and Dental Implants

Just like anything, there are drawbacks to dentures and dental implants. Some of those are: dentures can take some time to get used to, are loose in your mouth without adhesive, can cause harm to your gums, and they break easily.

The Disadvantages of dental implants include: the initial cost, no insurance coverage, surgery, possible crown replacement in the future, and treatment can sometimes take up to four months because the bone must heal.

By considering these drawbacks and the other realities of implants and dentures, it is easier to choose what is right for you. If you have any questions about dental implants and dentures, Dr. Scurti is happy to help! Contact us to schedule a consultation!

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